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Every two weeks, Dmae writes a commmentary for Portland’s Asian Reporter newspaper. She draws from her personal experiencse and often excerts from her memoir-in-progress.

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My Brother, the Keeper
A woman tries to understand her brother’s need to hoard.   Dmae's Family

Dmae Roberts latest essay was published in the Oregon Humanities Journal. “I just saw my little brother, Jack, digging through a Dumpster at our neighborhood grocery store, and I pretended I didn’t know him. He was in the dirty, torn clothes he likes to wear for what he calls “collecting….”



From The Sun Magazine Readers Write section


Dmae and Mom

“At the age of ten I became my mom’s sous-chef. She would tell me what vegetables to cut up and always criticize me for doing it wrong. Then, after she heated her wok till the oil was smoking and flames shot up toward the ceiling, she would start to shout: “Garlic! . . . Now the onions! . . . Bring me the carrots and bamboo! . . . Where’s the cabbage? . . . Hurry with the broccoli! Now!”…”

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Telling Stories: Dmae Roberts’ Insightful Works on Multicultural America Posted by Colors of Influence July 2008   Dmae and George Takei

Dmae Roberts is a two-time Peabody award-winning independent radio artist and writer who has written and produced more than 400 audio art pieces and documentaries for NPR and PRI programs. Her work – often autobiographical or focuses on cross-cultural peoples – is informed by her biracial identity.


    Dmae Roberts and actor
George Takei

Posted by The Oregonian April 05, 2007   Dmae and George Takei

Portland-based MediaRites, a nonprofit dedicated to telling the stories of diverse cultures, is the recipient of a 2006 Peabody Award for its radio documentary “Crossing East,” the first radio series to examine in detail the history of Asian Americans.


    Dmae Roberts and actor
George Takei

OREGON COUNCIL FOR THE HUMANITIES Posts: Readers Write about Secrets   Secret Asian Woman

When my mother died, I wondered if I’d still be Asian.
“I’m part Asian,” I’ve said most of my life.
“Oh, which part is that?”
I point to my prominent cheekbones, my best facial feature.
“This part.”
“I see.”

No one really sees. Sometimes I can’t see. I look in the mirror and turn my face to and fro and see Meryl Streep with a flat nose, freckles, and dark, thick hair. Often I look at my beautiful Asian women friends, and while I feel at home, I wonder if they look at me in that sideways manner as well.



Posts: Readers Write about Class   OHM

The American Dream has haunted me since high school. Growing up in the ’70s, I felt a strong urge to reject all the material possessions of the middle class–a car, a house, 2.5 kids, and a nest egg for retirement. Throughout my adult years, I was a member of what is now called the “creative class”–artists and writers who would rather save pennies for happy hour than plan ahead for the future.



USA Fellows Win 2006 Peabody Awards   Dmae and friends

Dave Isay and Dmae Roberts, both 2006 USA Rockefeller Fellows, won George Foster Peabody Awards. The 66th annual awards, which were announced on April 4, were given to 35 recipients from a pool of 1,000 candidates for excellence in broadcast and cable media.