Stage & Studio moves to Oregon ArtsWatch!

Stage & Studio, the popular radio broadcast program covering the best in performing, literary and media arts hosted by Dmae Roberts, is moving to Oregon ArtsWatch (OAW) on February 23.

Hosted as a bi-weekly podcast by respected online arts magazine Oregon ArtsWatch, Stage & Studio will attract broader arts-focused audiences to the podcast series and provide deeper collaboration with OAW editors for projects that are especially focused on Black, indigenous and People of Color (PIPOC) artists and arts. Roberts’ extensive broadcast journalism, arts and multicultural expertise makes Stage & Studio a topical program that will encourage public discussions and views on the arts and the issues it raises. OAW produces arts journalism that is fundamentally useful to public interests, thus Stage & Studio is a welcome addition to OAW’s mission.
A two-time Peabody award-winning radio producer and writer, Dmae Roberts brings national quality to the local arts scene with Stage & Studio. Roberts volunteered with radio station KBOO in 1997 on a show called Theatre Scene when she stepped in for then host Sharon Whitney. Shortly thereafter, Dmae revamped the show into Stage & Studio to focus on performing, media and literary arts in the Northwest, and often, nationally. In 2009, Roberts was one of the first to podcast locally with Stage & Studio, creating her weekly podcast:
Through the last 23 years, Roberts has interviewed more than 1,000 people on Stage & Studio. As a writer, media and theatre artist, she brings her multi-disciplinary expertise and experience into the studio to ask in-depth questions about the artistic process and more personal inquiry into the artists she interviews. OAW will not only host the podcast, but Dmae will provide opportunities for feature articles as part of the podcasts.
“I’m looking forward to working with ArtsWatch on future projects,” stated Dmae Roberts. “I have nothing but respect for founder and executive editor Barry Johnson, and for senior editor Bob Hicks. Combined, they bring the greatest wealth of art experience in Oregon. I am honored to find such a welcoming new home.”
Oregon ArtsWatch mission: journalism is professional – independent, transparent, fair, accurate and responsive. OAW aspires to be a trusted public source for journalism about the arts. To learn more, visit the website:
Stage & Studio audiences can now subscribe for the program on these podcast platforms:
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Dmae is the executive producer of MediaRites, a nonprofit production organization based in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to telling the stories of diverse cultures and giving voice to the unheard through the arts, education and media projects. Since 1984, MediaRites has produced award-winning radio and film documentaries, interactive websites, theatre and outreach projects.

Visit the MediaRites Radio page.


IN THE MIX Claycart

Photo courtesy of Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Mixed Race is the fastest growing minority in America. The arts have opened up new ideas through colorblind casting, fusion in music, visual art, and literature. Just as each racial/ethnic group influences and changes artistic styles and movements, Mixed Race artists help to create fusion and bridges cultural and traditional differences.

In The Mix is a one-hour radio documentary featuring artists of all different disciplines and races. The documentary features Lou Diamond Phillips, Writer Lisa See, Playwright Heather Raffo, Conceptual Artist/Writer damali ayo, Poet Robert Karimi, Musican Phillip Blanchett, Visual Artist Phyllis Fast, Oregon Shakespeare Actor Demetra Pittman and more…visit our website at Produced by Dmae Roberts and MediaRites Productions with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Regional Arts and Culture Council


199Unartulik3_TalismanComing Home:
The Return of the Alutiiq Masks

Coming Home is a one-hour NPR-news-friendly radio documentary that interweaves oral history interviews, Alutiiq music and soundscapes.

The documentary takes us to Kodiak, Alaska where Alutiiq peoples work to save their language, cultural traditions and heritage by unlocking the secrets of the masks collected by French explorer Alphonse Pinnart in 1872. When he died in 1911, he bequeathed the masks to the Chateau Musee, a small museum off the coast of Northern France. There the collection survived two World Wars and were “rediscovered” by Alutiiq artists who began making pilgrimages to France in 2000 to see the artifacts of their culture. This led to an unprecedented sharing of history between two cultures, two different countries a world apart.

Learn more at

SAW Graphic


Secret Asian Woman is a personal exploration of identity and Mixed Race by  Dmae Roberts, who has to make a daily decision to reveal her ethnicity. Through her personal story, Dmae charts four decades of a search by multiracial peoples for a name. The politics of calling out racism has changed through the years as has identification. In this half-hour radio documentary, Dmae talks with other Mixed Race Asian women with identities not easily recognized and addresses with humor the complexities involved in even discussing race.

Read what John Biewen (Center for Documentary Studies) had to say about Secret Asian Woman on PRX.

Download Secret Asian Woman for broadcast from PRX.

Editorial consultations from Catherine Stifter and damali ayo. Original music by Clark Salisbury. Additional music by Teresa Enrico and Portland Taiko. Interviews with Velina Hasu Houston, Rainjita Yang Geesler, Julie Thi Underhill and Patti Duncan.  Funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council Individual Artist program.

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Crossing East

The Peabody-Award winning eight-hour radio documentary series on Asian Pacific American History hosted by George Takei and Margaret Cho. Order downloads here! 

Three years in the making, Crossing East was created for release in May 2006, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. To date, it has aired on more than 230 public radio stations and hailed as the first comprehensive Asian American history series on radio or TV. Crossing East features the work of dozens of producers, scholars, musicians, and actors. MediaRites is in the process of creating the Crossing East Archive with nearly 300 hours of oral histories collected for this series. More here.

Doc Hay

The Story of Ing ‘Doc’ Hay

The Story of Ing “Doc” Hay: Frontier Herbalist tells the unusual and significant story of Doc Hay and his business partner and friend Lung On who ran the Kam Wah Chung store and medical practice in a small Eastern Oregon town shortly after the Gold Rush and into the 1950’s. Unlike other parts of the country where lynchings and massacres of Chinese immigrants were the norm, these two men were respected members of the community and are still remembered by John Day residents. For more information on the Kam Wah Chung museum, visit the Oregon State Parks Trust. Order it here.  Hear the NPR story here.


The Breast Cancer Radio Arts Project

Order The Breast Cancer Monologues documentary with breast cancer survivors here. Hear a sample. 


Growing Up, Growing Strong

A series of documentaries about lesbian youth including a Miracle on the Streets about a lesbian homeless youth who kicked a crystal meth addiction and Moe is Me, about a girl’s first love.

Hearing Voices

Heart of Nature

A series of features stories on youth with disabilities and their relationship with their environments.

Includes stories such as: Horse Therapy , Andrew & Racine Go To College, Kara and the Swing, and Challenger Softball Team.


Sorting Through Shadows


Stories 1st

1st Person: Stories of Loss, Hope & Peace



Legacies: Hope, Faith & Peace

Three one-hour radio documentaries hosted by Oregon Symphony Conductor James DePreist which included The Journey of Lady Buddha,  an hour-long personal and historical exploration of cultural conflicts in spirituality and the search for the Asian goddess of compassion and mercy, Kuan Yin. Order it here.


Legacies: Tales from America

A series of 13 half-hour cross-cultural and cross-generational American stories that aired on more than 100 National Public Radio stations around the country.Hosted by Oregon Symphony conductor James DePreist.  Stories include Don’t Take the Colors Apart about playwright Velina Hasu Houston and the Peabody Award-winning Mei Mei, A Daughter’s Song. 

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