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Dmae-Mic-2015-lowDmae Roberts is a two-time Peabody award-winning writer and independent media and theatre artist who has written and produced more than 400 audio art pieces and documentaries for NPR and PRI programs. Her Peabody award-winning documentary “Mei Mei, a Daughter’s Song” is a harrowing account of her mother’s childhood in Taiwan during WWII.  Her  Crossing East, the first Asian American history series on public radio also garnered a Peabody award. The eight-hour series took three years to produce and ran on more than 230 stations around the country. She is now creating the Crossing East Archive Project its 10th anniversary, an online repository of nearly 300 hours of oral history interviews collected for the ground-breaking series.

The Letting Go Trilogies


Dmae Roberts has recently completed her memoir book The Letting Go Trilogies: Stories of a Mixed Race Family which traces four decades of what it means to be a mixed-race adult who sometimes called herself “Secret Asian Woman.

With her personal essays written over a ten-year period, Dmae Roberts journeys through biracial identity, Taiwan, sci-fi, and the trials of her interracial Taiwanese and Oklahoman family amid love, loss and letting go of past regrets and pain.Through journeys across America, Japan and Taiwan, this collection of personal stories charts four decades of racial identity. Each essay lends insights into the complexity of cross-cultural family relationships and includes photographs of the author’s family.

Edited by Jessica Morrell. Additional editor and copy-editing by Sandra de Helen. Artwork and cover design by Kathy Delumpa Allegri.

13413586_10154136865834564_8348812489757482232_nFrom Dmae: “It’s difficult to imagine it was illegal in many states for my parents to be married. I’ve spent much of my adult life thinking about what it meant to grow up in an interracial family in rural Oregon after spending my early childhood in Asia. Many of these stories along with journeys to Taiwan and my experiences as a caregiver to my mom are detailed in my memoir collection.”

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