Mei Mei, A Daughter’s Song -Trailer from Dmae Roberts on Vimeo.

Mei Mei, A Daughter’s Song

Mei Mei, A Daughter’s Song is a cross-cultural tale of a mother and daughter separated by language and culture, yet bound together for lifeIn 1989, producer Dmae Roberts won a Peabody-award for her radio documentary, “Mei Mei, A Daughter’s Song”. It was the first Taiwanese-American radio documentary on public radio. 25 years later, she has created a half-hour film using the audio documentary “Mei Mei” as the soundtrack.Mixing live action, animated effects and archival footage, “Mei Mei” tells the story of Dmae and her mother as they travel to Taiwan together after a long absence.Winner of the 2015 Best Historical Documentary award from the Oregon Independent Film Festival, Mei Mei has also been shown at the Los Angeles CineFest, Rainier Independent Film Festival, Mixed Remixed Festival, the APANO/Tell It Slant event and at the Clinton Street Theatre.

Mei Mei film clip – Opera & Battles from Dmae Roberts on Vimeo.


FOUR WEB MOVIES made in collaboration with Clark Salisbury as part of the Crossing East Asian American history series which won the 2006 Peabody award and ran on 230 public radio stations. For more info go to Also featured is a video from the Coming Home project in Kodiak, AK :


Secret Asian Woman

What to call yourself when you don’t have a name? That’s what Dmae Roberts grappled with most of her adult life. In a country that likes to think it celebrates cultural diversity, America still has trouble with multiracial people and trying to have them choose one identity to call themselves. Race and identity continue to be a complex topic and as Dmae charts four decades of history, we hear from her perspective what it’s like to be a “Secret Asian Woman.”

Secret Asian Woman is a personal exploration of identity and Mixed Race by Independent Producer Dmae Roberts, who has to make a daily decision to reveal her ethnicity. Through her personal story, Dmae charts four decades of a search by multiracial peoples for a name. The politics of calling out racism has changed through the years as has identification.

Secret Asian Woman from Dmae Roberts on Vimeo.


Rink Tum Ditty

Here’s an archival video found by a classmate from Junction City High School. We produced it in speech class all in consecutive single takes. There was no sound so I added a soundtrack.

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